The Cut and Paste Club

Original material © Larry Harnisch 2003

How do people do research on the Black Dahlia case? Something like this:

"The Badge" by Jack Webb, 1958. Page 33

"Fallen Angels" by Marvin J. Wolf and Katherine Mader, 1986. Page 177

"Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries" by John Austin, 1969-1970. Page 82

"Hollywood Babylon II" by Kenneth Anger, 1984. Pages 127-130

"Reporters" by Will Fowler, 1991. Page 30

"Embattled Dreams" by Kevin Starr, 2002. Page 217

Note: Starr also makes the bonus error of referring to Will Fowler as his father, Gene, half the time. A poor showing for the state librarian and Oxford University Press.