Larry Harnisch 1999-2003

Radio and TV Appearances

I was interviewed on KFI on Nov. 27, 2004 by Eric Leonard. Eric said the time would go quickly, and it did.

I appear in Vikram Jayanti's BBC documentary "James Ellroy's Feast of Death" and discuss Walter Bayley and the Black Dahlia. This documentary was shown at bookstores in conjunction with Ellroy's book tour for "Cold Six Thousand," but has never been aired in the U.S. "Feast of Death" features, for the first time, a photo of Dr. Walter Bayley. The film was shown at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival. Not great timing, as it turns out. The documentary aired day before and after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Search Google for information "James Ellroy's Feast of Death."

In July 2003, a crew from "Million Dollar Mysteries", a Korean TV show, spent several days in Los Angeles, interviewing Steve Hodel, Stephen Kay, John Gilmore, retired homicide detectives Ed Jokisch and Stewart Jones, and me for a one-hour show to air in the next few weeks. The show will be broadcast in English with Korean subtitles. I have no information on whether this program is available in the U.S.

Search E! online for show times of "Mysteries and Scandals"

Search the Learning Channel for show times of "Case Reopened" a show hosted by Joseph Wambaugh. I hesitate to say anything since the program is fairly critical of my research, but it's filled with errors.

Search the History Channel for show times of its program on the Elizabeth Short case.

Search the Travel Channel for show times of its programs on the Elizabeth Short case.

I appeared on Tony Valdez's "Midday Sunday" to discuss the "Black Dahlia Avenger" April 20, 2003, on Channel 11, Fox-TV in Los Angeles. As far as I know, tapes of this show are not generally available.

For people who have inquired about obtaining a copy of Tony Valdez's "Midday Sunday" for Aug. 1, 1999: KTTV's policy is rather strict about not providing dupes of shows. I have no plans to go into the video duping business, but I'm told that there is a business that provides such tapes, so stay tuned for further info. (I'm also told that it isn't cheap).