The Wedding Certificate of Adrian West and Virginia Short

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Wedding certificate

©Larry Harnisch 1999

I had originally intended not to contact Virginia and Adrian's children, for I felt they had been hounded enough. Now, however, it looked as though their parents' wedding might offer at long last the clue to the killing. This is the explanation I got from them of Adrian and Virginia's wedding:

Adrian West was living in San Jose, Calif., at the start of World War II. Like most young men, he enlisted in the service, in this case, the Navy. As a college graduate, Adrian was eligible for Officers Candidate School, so he went through what was called the V12 program in Los Angeles, where he spent 16 weeks at the University of Southern California.

As a devout Presbyterian, Adrian became involved with the local church, Vermont Avenue Presbyterian Church, which offered a large number of services for young servicemen who were away from home, and he became extremely involved in church activities. After completing training and earning his commission in the Navy, Adrian was transferred back to MIT, where he received training on radar (his eventual assignment was as a radar officer on a ship). While at MIT, he met a young woman who lived in Medford and was working at the university: Virginia Short, Betty's oldest sister.

After completing his training, Adrian was transferred back to Los Angeles for eventual assignment to a ship in the South Pacific. When he received his orders, he contacted Virginia and asked her to marry him. She said she would.

What followed was a hurried wartime wedding arranged by Adrian. The minister who performed the ceremony was from Adrian's church, the home where the wedding was held belonged to another couple from the church, and the guests were all from Adrian's church group, including Barbara Lindgren.

But who was Barbara Lindgren?

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