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Thanks for stopping by my Web site. Since my goal is to write a book and not be a webmeister, I'm going to keep these pages as simple as possible; you won't find any bulletin boards, chat rooms, interviews, polls, triv ia contests, etc. There will be few images of any kind and certainly no crime scene or autopsy photos. If you're looking for those, go somewhere else.

In January 1999, I made a promise to reveal a likely suspect in the murder of Elizabeth Short on July 29, 1999, which would have been her 75th birthday. Almost everyone has been fairly patient in trying to decide whether I was for real, a crackpot, or just a publicity hound.

I weighed a variety of options before deciding that posting the material on the Internet would be the easiest way to disperse the basic information to a wide audience while retaining as much control as possible.

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"Black Dahlia Avenger" Update

Read about Steve Hodel's "Black Dahlia Avenger"

TV Update

The section on TV coverage is terribly out of date. I hope to revise it as time allows.

Radio Shows

Listen to "Somebody Knows!" a 1950 radio show about the Black Dahlia killing.

Because I am writing a book that I hope to sell, I decided to reveal only what one could easily find in the public record and withhold anything that I learned beyond that. You will have to trust me that anything else I have come across bolsters what I'm about to tell you, rather than contradicting it.

Everything you are about to read is true. Normally, I wouldn't make an issue of this, but I feel it's necessary, given the freewheeling nature of the Internet and the number of unsubstantiated claims made in various books and articles.

One final note: I am using the name Betty to refer to Elizabeth Short. Through her brief life, she experimented with Elizabeth, Betty, Bette, Beth and even signed her name Eliz. on occasion. Rather than try to keep track of all those names, I decided to stick with Betty since that is the name the family tends to use.

A Note for People Who Are in a Hurry

Slow down. Take your time. Read everything carefully.

Graphics Note

Some of the images on this site are huge and take a long time to load. I'm trying to make most of them optional (that is, you have to go to another page to see them).

A Brief Summary of the Black Dahlia Case

In 1996, I wrote a story for the Los Angeles Times on the 50th anniversary of the Black Dahlia case. Because of space considerations, the article that finally appeared was only a third of what I originally wrote. Here is the uncut story. Please note, because it was written in 1996, it does not reflect any of my more recent research. However, it does offer an introduction to the murder of Elizabeth Short. One thing that's nice about posting the uncut version is that it contains far more of John Douglas' profile of the killer. But more about that later.

Introduction to the Case

The Name of the Killer