"Definitely Not Betty"--Elizabeth Short's Family

On the left, a photo from Steve Hodel's "Black Dahlia Avenger," rotated and enlarged so both heads will be the same approximate size and at the same approximate angle. On the right, a known photo of Elizabeth Short.

Do Either of These Pictures Show Elizabeth Short?

Compare the two women in this 2003 Associated Press photo of the album attributed to Dr. George Hodel. Are they the same woman or two different women?

"First on the agenda was the picture. Was it really the woman known as the Black Dahlia? I ran a quick search of the photos on the Internet and found what I was looking for almost at once. There she was, a complete digital photo album in itself, accessible by just a few keystrokes. I studied the face on the screen: High cheekbones, upturned nose, jet-black hair with its distinct hairline above the high forehead, her unusual diamond-shaped face. No question: it was she."

--Steve Hodel, "Black Dahlia Avenger," Page 45-46

Read a response from Elizabeth Short's family.

What do you think?

Obviously Steve Hodel has his doubts. When he appeared on ABC's "The View" he didn't display either of the photos from the album. Instead, the show cut to a close-up of Elizabeth Short's 1943 mug shot, taken by the Santa Barbara Police Department, leaving viewers with the impression that the photo was in his father's photo album when it certainly was not.

Maybe you'd like to ask Steve Hodel directly now that he has his own Web site. e-mail him right here. While you're at it, you might ask why these pictures aren't on his Web site--at least not large enough to make a valid comparison